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Wild elephant has been escaped from city zoo and creating maximum chaos & rampage in fantasy city. Control giant sized angry monster elephant and destroy everything comes on your way in elephant rampage game.  Attack on people and kill SWAT police shooters for survival in town in this elephant simulator game. This elephant hunting in city is all about destruction games and unlimited havoc in Angry Elephant City Attack simulator. Join the series of city destroyer games and play rampage games fusions with city destruction games. As a wild African elephant smash and attack with your nimble trunk and forceful hooves. Today the predators of wilderness like lion, wolf, cheetah, hyenas cannot fight and show the anger like this mammoth elephant rampage. Your Bigfoot town smasher, ultimate elephant is ready to take down the city. Play this attack and rampage game which is best in the category of destroying games also destruction games.

In this free to play animal simulator games, you play as a wild angry animal which is on the loose. Roam around and attack on human and military force equipped with modern weapons and sniper guns, smash cars, army tanks and knock them down. As a bigfoot elephant monster, create frenzy in your path with your wild elephant simulation. Show no fear and no mercy in elephant games and wreck the whole 3d fantasy town with your heavy structure with angry animal 3d simulator! Release your inner wild jungle beast out and create maximum destruction in this massive 3d city! Grand city police and swat army is ready to shoot with sniper guns and rifles show your fury. Destroy all obstacles in shape of tanks, army cars, army trucks, houses and hit people with your special attacking powers. 

Best of city destroying games and city destruction games is here for the lovers of city destroyer games. Away from its natural habitat this angry elephant goes on a full fledge rampage where the epic furious monsters are on full throttle city smashers in destroy city to make it back to their natural home in an angry elephant rampage attack.  While you get away from the mad city you need your elephant survival and this monster elephant rampage simulator game has different destroying gameplay usually unseen elephant hunting games and wild elephant zoo attack games. 

Features of Angry Elephant City Attack:

☛ Various action packed elephant fighting & survival missions.
☛ Realistic elephant town hunting & city destroying games animations.
☛ Thrilling gameplay with no shortage of prey.
☛ Elephant survival & fighting scenario as Bigfoot elephant town smasher.
☛ Awesome 3D graphics & smooth controls.
☛ RPG quest based city rampage missions in animal simulator games.
☛ Free roam mode to create mega destruction & chaos in elephant games.

It’s time to wreck the whole town and kill all swat police and army forces for your survival and destroy their tanks and police vehicles. Run furiously and attack furiously!! Download Angry Elephant City Attack which is animal fighting action simulation game in RPG style gameplay.


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