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Prehistoric creature is ready to trample down the whole fantasy city. Control Jurassic dinosaur beast and create ultimate rampage and havoc around the town. If you are fan of dinosaur fighting games then this Jurassic Dinosaur City Rampage 2018 is for you. Jurassic beast is ready to taking over the city. Wander around the city for extreme destruction and destroy whatever gets in your way. Chase and crush invaders and citizens. Kill humans and city police who are ready to attack your with their sniper shooting rifles. Dinosaur Here is a chance to not only watch realistic dinos in this age but also be one of them! Dinosaur city attack games with wild dinosaur and angry Jurassic have ultimate rampage and destruction missions. T-rex city rampage is complete dino attack and t rex dino fighting adventure and action simulator game about angry and hungry dinosaur revenge.

Dino city hunting has been started and this dino city hunting will be terrifying for citizens and city police. In best of dinosaur fight games you need to eat animals and destroy the army tanks, military vehicles with your mighty attack. The city cops might fight back and shoot dead you with their sniper guns. Become a deadly Jurassic dino to kill the animals and hunt down citizens as your prey. This dinosaur simulation 2018 with t rex city attack and dinosaur rampage hunt rampage dinosaur. Act as a cruel hunter and show your hunter and killing skills. Thrilling dinosaur attack game that will allow you to run your own jurassic dragon through and search your prey with give map. In dinosaur city attack games, help the trex to create the city mayhem in order to end the other people and police hunters of every level. Become a wild dinosaur in realistic simulator 2018 and enter the city, smash everything you touch or comes in your way in dinosaur fighting games 3d.

Destroy the city by your wild movements, as angry dinosaur hit the street lights smash the army tanks and cars! find the police and army you are targeted to kill. The people of city will run from the deadly dinosaur and be scared but they don’t know the power of this angry dinosaur. Dino city attack and t rex city rampage is combination of ultimate city hunting experience. Play wild tyrannosaurus rex and carnotaurus rampage and enjoy the dino dragon flying attacks. Hungry dinosaur is showing no mercy in this dinosaur fight games. Survival and health bar maintaining will be unlock next level.

Features in Jurassic Dinosaur City Rampage 2018:

• Complete RPG action simulator about dinosaur attack in the city.
• Create chaos, destruction & havoc around the town.
• Beware from police with sniper guns with deadly 3D simulator dinosaur.
• Find the enemy with the help of navigation map.
• Multiple t-rex city rampage & survival missions in dinosaur city attack games.
• Superb 3D graphics & life of angry monster tyrannosaurus rex dino city hunter.

Start the revenge missions Use your attack powers to hunt down your prey in a fantasy environment. Aim, chase then run and attack furiously. Use those sharp teeth and claws wisely on police sniper shooters. Start this action fighting simulation with Jurassic Dinosaur City Rampage 2018 and enjoy the city attack & fighting.


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